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Interestingly, in 2011-2012, Lehigh won 4 Patriot League Championships. Football, basketball, Men’s LAX and softball.
In 2012-2013, Lehigh won 6 Patriot League Championships. Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Tennis, Men and Women’s Golf, Men’s LAX and softball.
Something happened the following year. We admitted 2 new teams, Boston University and Loyola. We didn’t win a single PL Championship but ironically we would have won 4 had it not been for the additions. Women’s Cross Country and Indoor track, Men’s LAX and softball.
Yes we had some big wins back then but we still do today. Basketball beat Arizona St and DePaul. Wrestling beat #3 Ohio State. All is not bleak and when I read about our recruiting classes now, the word “steal” is used quite a bit.
I brought this up earlier. The year before our big win over Duke, our basketball team was 16-15. They had a freshman point guard and the best players on the team were freshmen and sophomores. The big difference is this class is being followed by a really, really good recruiting class (at least on paper). I think that there is every opportunity in the world to be optimistic.