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Been meaning to weigh in on the “athletic” thing. Illusive, imo. My take:
Quickness. First step, ability to beat your man off the bounce. I think KR and MS are among the best we’ve had on that count.
edit: ability to stay in front of your man on D. Lateral movement. KR and MS conclusion stands.
Pure hops/vert. JC and KR very good, MS amazing.
Quick hops. Able to get up quickly and repeatedly. JG very good here.
Eye-hand. Catch everything. No standouts here, imo. Hard to see, but feels like a roster weakness.
Body control. Ability to change direction, especially in the air. Avoids charges, but draws fouls. MS very good, KR amazing.
Vision. Hardest to quantify. Sees stuff happening everywhere and reacts well. Have heard stars describe “seeing game in slow motion”. I think KR has it.
My conclusion: above average in PL, but not exceptional. Gotta be fundamentally sound and smart.
Hoping Holba swings that our way a bit.

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