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This is going to be very interesting next season. I can’t see any possible way that Leufroy plays “on the ball” next season, with KR in place, not to mention MS as his backup. KR could easily be a 3 time All PL point guard (competition from Lindner). I have to think Leufroy is going to have to move over to the wing, although he lacks the length. Going to be a real logjam in the backcourt next season or two. Interesting to see if anybody can push AP for minutes. Have to think he is entrenched as a starter on the wing.

As stated above, I agree that Holba is going to be the Holden Greiner replacement that we have been looking for since HG left. A Swiss Army knife type player. We hoped we were getting that from Shane Whitfield, but didn’t happen.

Sedore looks to be a major project. I doubt he sees the floor too much, if at all. But, you can’t coach height. Hopefully, he can get into a frontcourt rotation. Big guy like that just needs to learn how not to hurt you on the floor. Rebound, take up space, set screens, defend, contest, and catch inside when a chippy presents. Also, learn to control the body and keep from fouling.