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KR at 1 and TK at 5, obviously, next year. I think JG is solid at 4. Beyond that, probably pretty muddy. My guess would be AP and Holba at 2 and 3 (yes – 3, damnit!). Lots of MS at 1 and 2, AP some time at 3, while Leufroy gets some 2. JG moves to 5 sometimes, while JC takes the 4 spot. If needed, Holba plays some 4. My best guess…

Nothing at all for Alston?

I think there are probably 4 starting spots pretty well locked up. KR, AP, JG, and TK will all likely start again next season, at least to begin the year. I see JC staying in his role as the first big off the bench. That leaves one spot on the wing and likely a battle between MS (size could be an issue starting with KR), BA, MH, and KL. Depending on Jenkins development does MS move off the ball full time? Does JRG crack the rotation?

Todd, what’s the reason for being so adamant that MH plays the 3?