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See your point on MH on D. Cant stop drooling over the matchup horror he presents to those guys on O. Still think BA has a huge upside.

If MH can hit the three, then I think there would be “match-up horror.” Otherwise, I worry about spacing with TK, JG, and MH on offense. If all three of those guys are near the bucket clogging things up, that will really limit penetration and could make our offense (already ugly at time) even uglier. I think perimeter shooting will be HUGE next year. Lehigh shot a decent % from 3, but were 306th in the nation and 9th in the PL in total makes. To get room for TK and JG to operate, and open up driving lines for KR, AP, and the other guards – guys need to step up and make 3’s to spread the floor.