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My wife is an ESU graduate and is amazed at the increased academic prowess of the PSAC compared to the 1960’s. Much of it has to do with the dramatic increase in the $$$ difference between the Lehigh’s, Bucknell’s, etal, and the PSAC schools. This has created a huge increase in applications, particularly from in state kids, and much more selectivity in admissions. Further, the core curriculum have diversified over the years, moving away from being just a “teacher” schools.

Don’t have any inside information, but maybe CR & his family had planned to take the financial hit for at least two years and see if he could break through on the court. Wouldn’t be surprised if he finally decided he wanted to play his last too years, get a very good degree, and save his family a lot of $$$. Would love to see him tear up the PSAC next year. The Lehigh community wishes him the best in the future.