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After reading some of the comments about the Lehigh QB SHAF ,I have to respond . First of all there are no GREAT QB’s without a good team behind them, both Offense and Defense . So maybe some of the people making comments should go to the PL stats for the year and see where the LEHIGH QB finished ,and you might be surprised to see SHAF was the SECOND BEST QB in the league also would have been 5th or 6th in RUSHING without the loss of QB sack yardage .Then MAYBE you could LOOK UP the STATS for the LEHIGH DEFENSE ,LAST in the league in ALL stats .It wasn’t the LEHIGH QB who gave up a 4th period td to wasn’t the QB who gave up the lead to YALE TWICE after leading by 21 points,it wasn’t the QB who gave up 3 70 yard plus td’s to BU ,it wasn’t the QB who gave up a td in the last 20 seconds to MU and it wasn’t the QB who called 7 running plays from the 1 yard line and did not score against HC .All these games should have been wins for LEHIGH ,so lets not blame the QB who even though he was injured PLAYED well enough to win these games .As for throwing long down field pass plays ,first you need someone who has some SPEED to get downfield then you NEED the line to block so the QB has TIME to locate and then throw the ball and then HOPE our guy can catch the ball .Thought I had to get this off my chest because of all the negative remarks about our QB who would have had a GREAT YEAR of 8 and 3 with those 5 wins .If you don’t believe it ,look up the stats for those games and see WHY and HOW Lehigh lost those games .