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I think in all 11 games last season Shaf showed his best and worst. He’d show 4 or 5 MVP-caliber plays that reminded you why he was so highly prized out of HS. He’d sell a play-action perfectly and float a perfect ball for a TD, or go through the progressions and take off for a 20 yard gain. At his best he reminds me a lot of a FCS HOF QB – UNH’s Ricky Santos.

Having said that, since he’s a kid and still developing, he’d also usually make a WTF play or two a game, too – initiating contact with an LB on a run with his throwing shoulder, forcing the pass that shouldn’t be forced, uncorking it deep when his arm can’t deliver it. This is in no way unique to sophomore Lehigh QBs over the years.

Overall about Shaf my big concern is the healing of his arm. I would really like to see a season with him fully healthy. We haven’t seen that. I don’t think he was even fully healthy his freshman season.