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This makes total sense to me despite paulsen leaving a talented young team in BU. If he stayed and win one or two more rings with this team his next move was this type of move anyway, see Hewitt from Siena. So fact he can make a move now to this team, conference and salary is a no Brainer.

Sad day for league as he was best coach in league in my opinion. Now the interesting part is who from his staff follows him and does he take any recruits or kids from BU with him.

Regarding reed, why would he jump to a liberty type job when if he wins one post CJ he could be in line for something much bigger. With so much talent in Bethlehem he be crazy to leave now before winning more rings with this core. IMO reed can’t get a job like Paulson got right now, not even close.needs to win post CJ and a 500ish(haven’t looked that up just a guess) record without CJ isn’t getting that done.