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I respect your judgment but think you could be very much underestimating the team we put on the floor next year. I made this comparison before but would certainly welcome comment.
The 2010-2011 team was 16-15 and lost in the PL semifinals. They then lost about 25% of their offense in Ojo, Small, Keefer and Safstrom, while bringing in the current exiting class of CS, SC and CB.
In 2011-2012, the leadership role was taken over by a former ROY/POY in CJ. The PG who was then a soph, had a year of experience piloting the team. HG gets hurt prior to the playoffs and plays a limited role. The starting lineup during that crucial stretch was CJ, GK,MM, Hamilton and Adams. Think about that for a moment. They win the PL championship and defeat Duke.
The 2014-2015 team was 16-14, losing early in the PL tournament. They lose 10% of their offense in CS, SC and CB. They will be led by former ROY/POY with NBA aspirations who will also be just a junior. The sophomore PG was ROY in the PL the year before and has already surpassed many of MMs seasons. AP is on pace to be well over a 1K scorer (609 after his soph season). JG, JC, MS and BA are all more athletic than the vast majority of that the 2011-12 team and we are bringing in potentially one of our best recruiting classes ever with two *** recruits who both look ready to contribute immediately and a 6-11 C with a lot of skills.
IMHO, there will be at least 5-6 players that have the ability to play on the professional level if they choose to go that way.
Let me give you 2 analogies. Billy Taylor left to go to a bad program with a bigger paycheck and it didn’t go well.
CJ McCollum could have come out after his junior year and been a low 1st round pick. He waited, got hurt and still got picked much higher with a much bigger paycheck.
Brett is still a young man. If I were him, I know the road I would choose.