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If a look at the lineup that won the Patriot League and beat Duke. CJ (and that’s a big one) would be the only player I would take from the 2012 team. KR as a freshman was better than MM as a junior. TK is better than GK. The combination of JG and JC is better and far more athletic than the combo of Hamilton and Adams. CJ is in a class of his own, but keep in mind that if APs minutes don’t change, he will likely be around 1,400-1,500 career points. If Leufroy turns out to be the real deal, then we may replacing him with someone who is even better than that. I have no idea where Holba will fit in but he will fit in somewhere. Anyone who scores half of his team’s points in the state championship game with 14 rebounds and 4 blocks is going to be a difference maker.
Of course, this all depends on how this team improves but remember, we led Villanova for 3/4 game and beat AZ St and DePaul. The pieces are absolutely there. All we need is the leadership. Does anyone know whether TK is involved in the athletic leadership program. I saw a video on it and believe in relation to Nate Brown. It looks to be just what the doctor ordered (no pun intended).