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Blaming the decrease in attendance on the students is the easy thing to do but I would argue it’s not true. If EVERY student attends we’re talking about 4,500 people. I think we can all agree that never happened. From the LU website, in 2002 the average home attendance for 6 games was 10,179 and that doesn’t include Laf game which was played in Easton. The average attendance in 2014 was 6,248 with the largest crown being Fordham, 9,372. Even if we are talking about 2,000 more students going to games (which I would argue there weren’t 2,000 more students at games in 2002 than 2014), there are still 2,000 people (who are not students) that no longer attend games.

Since the move to Goodman, Laf games excluded, there have rarely been more than 1,000 students that actually go into games. The decrease in attendance isn’t due to the lack of students, it’s due to everyone else no longer going to games and I think that’s a fact.

My opinions why are the Lehigh Valley has grown and there are many other things going on than there were 15 years ago. Also the alumni base is no longer a “local” group that goes to games every week. As LU grew they admitted students from different parts of the country. Those students don’t stay in the Lehigh Valley after graduation anymore and don’t go to games.

Don’t blame the lack of attendance on the teams performance either because the attendance was just as poor in 2010-2013 when the team was good.

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