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LU does similar for Bball. Dont see why it wouldn’t work for Fball. Staff does it for various local football teams. Local support much smaller than in my day. Steel mills may have been ugly but the workers loved football and came to games. Southside Boosters were a very large group and influence. By mid 60s,with the deemphasis (read defunding),quality and crowds vanished. Cooley a great guy and good coach but had very few players. Hell,we started a 177 lb center. Dinlap started us on our decads of success with just a few clinkers along be way.

Population has changed drastically since then. LV ,as a whole still has great football and Bethlehem has regained a good portion of that . Still tough kids just the last names have changed.
On a side topic,see whete has 2 games scheduled with Cuse as well as there BC game. Very aggressive in locking up FBS games as has Gate. Us not so much. Is that a good thing or are we losing out on opportunities? Gotta figure that our reported negotiations with Cuse and PSU were fruitless.