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My apologies. Typing on phone at supermarket with W. Cross has those games. Gate,Fordham and Cross very aggressive getting FBS games. Perhaps too much?? A couple of years ago ,we were told LU in negotiations with Cuse,PSU and Navy. Got Navy,others seem not to have materialized.
Just my opinion but one every 4 yrs is weak. Each class should,when possible ,get at least 2. As yet,we dont seem to be approaching it that way. Army,Navy,Rutgers and Temple leap to mind. Dont know what’s feasible and what’s not but I do know most FBS teams schedule well in advance.
As to 65+ crowd,you are correct as my group gets smaller every year. Altho,we have ben adding a bunch of 55+ alums :). There is little we can do about demographics. We can build a winning team,improve marketing and improve the student transportation.