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In my class ,about half left football. Some no shot at field,others to concentrate on LU life more fully :).We had parties back in my day. Of my class,only one guy failed to graduate on time.
Back then LU on 2 semester sched with finals after Christmas and semesters were longer. Now,in many ways academics are much more stressful being squeezed into shorter terms. Also,football is a year round activity now,unlike my time. It is daunting to balance the necessary time commitments. Dont see that we have a very large turnover year to year. Expect as we get further into the schollie era we will see a few more transfer out than in the past. Impossible to ascribe one reason for transfers. Homesickness,PT,academics,family issues …etc.
One thing is constant in both eras. Football gets a set # of slots from Admissions ,which are dealt with apart from the general student population. LU is fortunate to have a reasonable Admissions Dept,unlike Cross.
If anything schollies have brought in not only better athletes but better students.