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I too did not see this one coming. I also have no idea what prompted the transfer. I have always felt that when an athlete comes to a school like Lehigh, it is to use their athletic abilities as a vehicle to get a great education. Very, very few athletes ever get to the next level, even at the powerhouse schools. So if this was an athletic decision alone, I think he may have made it for all the wrong reasons. Just my opinion.

With that being said, I had no idea how Doc was going to spread the minutes out at the PG/wing positions. KL was certainly going to come in and challenge for a lot of MS’s minutes. MH, is primed to get a bunch of minutes , much of it as a wing player. Ap seems to be established at one wing position and BA has the potential to make quantum leaps. I do wonder how this will impact the recruiting picture. Will we try to bring in somebody late this year or hold it for next year? Is SW’s scholarship open this year? Next year?