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Actually, I really do believe it may be a matter of where you go. I’m not strictly speaking about the quality of the education but the quality of the network. I recently talked to seeral students who actually brought up that point.
But here’s the thing, if MS was getting no minutes, your point may be valid. However, as a sophomore, he averaged about 16 min/game and over 19 mpg over the last 9 games…crunch time. So, if this an athletic decision, then it may be more about what he sees coming in rather than looking back. But you may be right, he may want to be the KR of another team but there is absolutely no guarantee of that happening on the D-1 level.
As for the #s in men’s basketball, I’ve found that the Ivies and the PL may be an anomaly. Most major conference schools work on a year to year basis. You don’t perform in your freshman, they can yank your scholarship. My son attended an A-10 school, lower level and every year, they brought 5-6 new recruits. The weird
thing is that they would signs these kids and then a month later 4-5 would announce they were transferring. I think it’s part of the beauty of the PL.