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I am in agreement with you 100 percent that MS purely making the decision on a athletic basis could be a big mistake. I also agree that the networking opportunities at elite academic schools separates them from many other schools (reason why 1% of the population holds the majority of the countries wealth). Although I would not put PL schools any where close to Ivy league schools in terms of networking opportunities. My argument is that very few of today’s athletes are thinking about networking opportunities or the level of academics. Granted the PL I am sure does not have the transfer rates of most schools. That I believe in large part is due to the fact that most of the PL scholarship players get significant minutes throughout their career. I just see today’s athlete as having (IVY league might be exception) as a play first academics second kind of mindset. Does anyone believe TK, AP, or KR would stay at Lehigh if they where looking at 16 to 18 minutes a game playing time? Do not get me wrong I am not saying more minutes are guaranteed somewhere else or that if you only get 16 to 18 minutes its not what you deserve. I am saying I doubt many scholarship athletes today would stay just for the school if they thought they could play more somewhere else.