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Interesting Todd. I would argue that the frontcourt remains a bigger need.

Obviously, with Tim in the middle Lehigh should be very competitive over the next two years. Perhaps with the potentially to be a special Patriot League team his senior year like Lehigh and Bucknell teams of the past. My biggest concern is what if Sedore is slow to develop? Once JC and JG graduate, who else do we have to help out Tim. I think the idea of bringing in another big to hedge the bet on Sedore and Holba is a good move for balancing the roster.

Ross is a lock at the 1, and Jenkins and Leufroy are total wildcards. But you need a second big to be a really solid team – and that is a huge question mark in two years. By next offeason it will be too late to address in time for Tim’s senior year.

If there is a 2015 big that is interested (Navigato? Hibbitts? Ernst?) and worth a scholarship, I would be all for it.

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