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Here’s the thing. We will never know what drew a player to choose LU, and by the same token, we won’t know what drew them to leave. Lots of factors, obviously. Minutes, sure. Quality of education? Yes. Cultural fit, of course. Weather? Proximity to home? Who knows?
Things have definitely changed since old farts like me were at LU. Even more so for you REALLY old farts like Rich :-)
These kids dedicate a HUGE amount of energy to their sport – far more than we did. Unless I was blind to it, AAU hoops was not a factor. Yes, being a schollie school makes a difference. PL schools now get kids who have committed themselves at that wholly new level; year-round, full-time work. I don’t fault them for that either. The game is a big part of who they are, even if they don’t have NBA dreams.
On the move-down option – that’s clear, to me. A kid like CR loves to play the game – not just watch it. He took his shot, reaching a bit maybe, and it didn’t work out. Kudos! Gave it a rip, and will now go where he can play the game he loves and committed so much time to.
I’m eager to hear where MS goes. Could move down, just for minutes. But I doubt that’s the case. My guess is that he makes a lateral move, and gets his shot. I hate to see him leave, but I hope he kills it wherever he lands.