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2 thoughts:

1. It was very hard to tell where people stood in regards to the DBs because Leaks was out and there was only barely a team of DBs present to run the defense – aside from OL, it was the next-thinnest position out there, with Leaks and others gone. I thought Rigaud, Lambert and Q. Jones all stood out, honestly, but it was hard to judge without a full group out there.

Plus, Kelsey’s TD didn’t have a single body anywhere near him. That’s on the DB unit.

2. With a shade under 50 bodies in spring ball, freshmen will be in the mix for the depth chart pretty much everywhere. I detail some of those areas in my latest blog post:

But not just RB and 2nd string QB, it’s easy to see OL, DB with a chance for freshmen to break through simply on sheer numbers.