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Sorry to see LG so unhappy with the DBs at a brown and white scrimmage. From watching the past 6 , it is hard to gauge the defense as injuries and vanilla game leaves us all wondering. The front 7(6 if you believe in the 3-3-5) will make or break the secondary,period. I’m always focused on the QB. The best decision by any QB Saturday was the throw to the stands when nothing was open…………One of the worst decisions was the first TD pass. A perfect throw and catch was 7 points,but when the coaches look at Hudl , they will see a wide open #82 on a 15 yard crossing pattern. To win. you have to go with the odds and take the open 15 yard pass with room to run.(i.e. LUM) I liked both QBs, Nick will have to be better than last season to get the nod. AS far as RBs, I say watch out for the Brisker kid….