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The one certainty is that the incoming frosh RB will have a great opportunity to get playing time – how much depends on how things go in August. Kee will start at the No. 1 and it will be up to him to keep that position. The PT will be earned.

One thing I’m wondering is whether someone might switch positions from WR or DB to RB. For example, what about WR Trevor Socarras as a speed back? We have a plethora of great WR athletes and Lord knows Lehigh needs more backs.

By the way LG, I am in no way absolving the secondary from Lehigh’s D problems last year, but I’ve always had pretty high regard for Rigaud. I didn’t think he was picked on, particularly, in coverage – I tend to subscribe to the theory that the front seven didn’t get much pressure on the QB, giving good FCS QBs the ability to pick the secondary as a whole apart. I think with a better pass rush, we’ll see a much better secondary overall, with Leaks and Rigaud on both corners with different defensive style.