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Well, I sure hope we can expect some minutes for TJ. If not, we’ve got a big problem – ha! Unless KR plays 40 mins at the 1 every night…
I’m hopeful that TJ’s limited time had more to do with the guys in front of him. KR played very big minutes for a frosh, MS played some 1, and CS1 could as well.

I hope something is cooking with the staff. I really hoped we’d see some movement during this spring “live” recruiting period for a ’15 player. Especially if we really are at 11 schollies right now. The optimist in me is hoping that they’re still trying to talk MS out of his move. I saw this week that one of bucky’s reported transfers has decided to stay; I’d be happy with similar news!
Maybe next year’s crop looks so good that we’ll stand pat – but it feels like we’ll be pretty thin.