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I don’t consider myself any kind of authority, and don’t have any specific insight on ’15 guys vs. our ’16 list. But all else being equal, if one of the ’15s looks good, I’d like to see us get one. As others have pointed out here, nobody knows much until these guys get on campus and play with the team. Ratings and scouting reports provide some info, but not nearly enough. Some guys outperform projections, while others never meet expectations. Based on that, it feels like having another guy in-house that we can learn about would only improve our evaluation of future needs.
Other factors I wonder about: is there a stigma or perceived added risk for guys who backed out of commitments elsewhere? Could there be a policy – official or otherwise – about de-commits? Are there budget policy factors that we can’t see? Deadlines that make adding another guy this late a problem? Just thinking out loud…