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While we’ve had an imbalance in recent years, I’m not on-board with the thought that we’re over-recruiting guards. Right now we have 2 pure PGs on schollie by my count – CR and TJ – and 3 SGs DC, AP, and KL. Sounds like KL might overlap both of those spots, and I have trouble defining BA – 2 vs. 3. If I give in to the “wing” terminology, do we assume that we start 3 guards?
Looking at the 2016, it looks like a pretty good balance, to me. But what we can’t tell is how many we’ll actually sign at each position. Bear in mind that our incoming recruit class is 2 forwards, 1 guard. That too assumes that we consider MH a forward, and not the illusive “wing”.
For someone who is more comfy with the “wing” definition: how would you break up current roster roles? Point, wings, and posts? Even generic “post” is tough for me. We have guys that we’d play at 4, but wouldn’t play at 5; JC comes to mind.