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Thanks Travis. I don’t know anything about Stout in particular but he seems like a pretty good get. I would love for Lehigh to go after a few of the local guys (Cross, Iorio, Kachelries) to try to get some local butts in Stabler and just raise the profile of the Lehigh program in the Valley. The mid majors that due really well attendance wise, are often sort of the “hometown team” for the local population. Lehigh has a few factors working against it (proximity to Philly and NYC, all the other local colleges) but it would be great to get more local support.

Also, Stout (and Iorio) plays for the Jersey Shore Warriors summer team, and it would be great for Lehigh to build a pipeline with them. They have players predominately from the greater Philly area and place most of their D1 kids in the Ivy and Patriot leagues. Great way to go after high-academic local kids in one stop.