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Absolutely on point sunday.The recruiting rules are a Gordion knot of qualifications,clarifications,exceptions for each rule. That said coaches do a good job at it. Very little cause for alumni to be involved with hands on recruiting. While you shouldn’t take your children ,nieces,nephews to a recruit meet and greet ,you are not barred from talking to them about LU.
What we can do is help LU with funding for their efforts,better facilities ,equipment etc. As it is now the Partnerships fund many of the events teams hold as well as defray some recruiting costs. Partnerships reach only a small percentage of our alumni base.
As was noted earlier,a good number of alumni were not sports fans. True enuf, I guess. Basing this estimate on student attendance tho is deceiving. Most of our events require students to travel. Cant just walk to matches as back in my day. Moreover ,practically all are televised luve. Just those two facts are going to limit participation by casual fans. Not to mention the tailgating rules. IMO,these casual fans are thise that an an active booster group can reach.