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Just returned from vacation so let me add my two cents :-)
As I’ve become more involved with Lehigh, I’ve found that they run a very, very, very decentralized operation. That seems to be the major difference with Bucknell. For the most part all of the amenities provided by the Bison Club is available at Lehigh. It is just not found in one spot.
1.)The Southside Boosters, of which I am a member is a wonderful asset to Lehigh. It is however, Lehigh Valley-centric and football-centric. That certainly does not mean that it is limited to the Lehigh Valley nor do they only support football but it is their strength. I’ve attended events for basketball (M & W), lacrosse and softball sponsored by this organization and they host a wonderful banquet for all sports. If Todd however wants to attend a Lehigh football game, home or away and wants to attend a Lehigh gathering, he may have to get involved with this group.
2.)The Lehigh Wrestling Club, which like the SSB is independent of the University but certainly gets their support is strictly wrestling based, although their reach is a lot wider. If Todd was looking to attend the Southern Scuffle for example and needed a place to stay or a dinner to attend, he would need to belong to this group.
3.)The Alumni Association is bigger than ever. They will host viewing parties in conjunction with Alumni Clubs across the country for significant Lehigh events like L-L or playoffs. They will also arrange tailgates for many of the away football games. If Todd wanted to attend those, he needs to watch his emails. I believe they also arrange for coaches to talk at various Club events esp those for Tower members.
4.)If you wish to support Lehigh Athletics financially, there is the Lehigh Athletic Partnership. You can contribute to Lehigh Athletics in general as I do or to any one in particular e.g. the Lehigh Basketball Athletic Partnership. Lehigh will make that fairly easy to do.

I would love to see much of this under one umbrella if even from a promotional standpoint. What I don’t know is whether it needs to be done within or outside the University. That way, Todd or anyone else living outside the greater Lehigh Valley is well aware of everything that may be available to them.
I hope this makes it a bit clearer.