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Go to most any fan board and you’ll similar issues with student attendance. All the factors you mentioned are ,I think,a part of the pattern. Dont think girl or foreign students are a major factor. We’ve bern co ed for a long time. Foreign students altho more in number are not a makor part of our student body. TV and ease of access are the biggest issues. Plus, a very large number of students now live in town. The bulk of LU social life is mow Eat Fifth St.,not the Hill. My point is that non attendance does not mean lavk of interest. Practicall all home games in every sport is televised now. Add to that the increased academic pressure with such short semesters. Nice to have a very long Christmas break but that squeezes everything else closer together. Where I could take a break and walk down to Grace for a game,it now involves catching the bus coming and going. Cant just stop in to watch a little. Costs the kid the whole night.