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Women’s Soccer Class of 2015 includes

1.) Clare Severe….Clare was a 4 year year starter and 2 X Captain of a HS soccer team that won 4 4A state championships. She doesn’t know how to lose. She was All-Met POY on a list that included to North Carolina and aa Florida recruit. She was on a list of 43 All-Americans. She has had similar success at the Club level, winning the MD state championship 5 years in a row. Athletic? She is a multiple time state champion in both the 800 and 1600. Again, she hates to lose.

2.) Ava Roth….again a 4 year starter, 2 X Captain for a team that won the state championship 3 X and is now the odds on favorite to win her 4th. She is a 3X 1st team AS and will is assured it will happen again, since she leads the state of Virginia in scoring at her level. She also doesn’t know how to lose. Her basketball team won a state championship in 2012 and her club soccer team was National runnerup.

3.)Jess Sacco and Ashley Maziarz are team mates at the Hun School which won the the NJSIAA state championship last year. Both have received a ton of honors but here is an interesting tidbit. In 2013, shortly after committing to Lehigh, both began the season recovering from injuries. (They must do everything together). The Hun team started out 0-6. Upon their return, they went undefeated (I believe) until falling short in the state championship game. They too bring a winning attitude. Interestingly, Severe, Roth and Maziarz all scored the winning goals in their state championship games.

The list, however, does not end there by any means….my time allotment has. Please see the link below on more information about this class and you may understand my optimism.