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Don’t disagree about the love of the game and guys turning down money. But a 20-50k signing bonus as a jr compared to basically nothing as a sr might not be a bad decision based on whatever one’s financial aid package is.

Also, have to disagree with this:

Its all for the love of the game and enjoy the game while you can. The difference between AAA and A ball is luck……The difference between AAA ball and the show is skill.

The trek from rookie ball to AAA does a pretty fine job of weeding out guys that can’t hit an offspeed pitch, or one dimensional pitchers, or guys that have a bat but can’t field. From AAA to the bigs is mostly about opportunity and luck. You don’t think McBride has a major league level bat if he didn’t miss two full seasons between ages 25-27. By the time he recovered he’s 28 and no longer a prospect. Or guys that don’t make the bigs because of an all star on the major league roster.