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I don’t know about the bonus money, but AAA guys in general don’t make that kind of money. $40-50k if that. Exceptions are proven major league talents late in the their careers who may have something left and are in demand as back up in case someone gets hurt at the big club. As to the progression through the system, A to AA is the really hard jump. AA teams are generally made up of guys in their early to mid 20’s and are their to prove they can play consistently against high level talent. AAA teams are made up of “almost made it” guys in their late 20’s or early thirties, AAA+ guys who go up and down when people get hurt, and a few actual prospects who need three months of AAA for one last proving ground before the big club. We have season tickets to the Iron Pigs for 8 years and that’s what we get. None of them make 100k unless they have a major league contract and got demoted (see Dominic Brown).

Oops, maybe the above is just the Phillies….?

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