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Last season we talked about the need to get bigger. I really just took a cursory look but here are some noticeable changes (if everything I read is accurate)

I was told Q. Jones is moving from DB to safety. He put on 20 pounds to do it. (190 from 170). Most of the DBs put on about 10 lbs.
As noted earlier Cavenas is now at 295# but more astonishingly was TJ Stubbs going from 230# to 270#. I hope it’s all muscle. Suddenly we become much more stout in the middle.
Our OL will be huge next year. I hope that they will also be mobile. Duffy is upt to 325#, James Camasta and Kadeem Smith are all 320#. Tennant is 310# with a few 290#ers thrown in. At 280#, Short is our lightest OL.
LB is still a concern to me from a size standpoint. Most of our anticipated starters are still in the 210# area. Ripanti up to 225#. BTW, I may have missed him but I didn’t see Mat Verdon on the roster. I thought he was a junior last year and started a few games at OLB.