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I happen to be greedy and would prefer that they play another year at Lehigh, win back to back PL championships, then get drafted even higher. With the new field (it’s really nice if you haven’t seen it) we coax some more recruiting dollars out of the Administration and then we have a real plan. I can dream.

Benn giving this some thought though. Exactly how big is getting drafted in baseball. There are 30 teams, each with about 40 picks plus compensation picks and competitive balance picks. That is over 1,200 players being drafted each year. for a total of 250 available spots on MLB rosters.
By comparison the NBA drafts 60 players each year for 450 available spots. It may be even more limited for football. Hence, being drafted in rounds 1-3 in baseball is the equivalent of the 1st round in basketball. Rounds 4-6 may equate to the 2nd round in basketball but it is typically bad advice to come out early to get drafted there. Certainly Round 10+, maybe earlier is like getting an offer in Europe. You may make a decent chunk of change but your chances of making it big are really pretty slim.
The defense rests :-).