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I’m not that worried about the bigs this year. Next year may be a different story. To the best of my knowledge, we have played with a small lineup ever since Doc took over the reins. I think he like it. Since CB was injured all year, we are going with the same set of bigs as last year while adding a 6-6 Holba and Sedore to give spot minutes. We have the luxury this year of having both KL and BA to push AP for #2 minutes. AP has rounded out his game since his freshman year but is still really streaky. We have very real options when he is having a down night. We can also go small at times at have either KL or BA play the other wing and move MH inside more. He is an absolute leaper and knows how to play both. I’m excited by the potential.
BTW, the situation in basketball this year is very much like men’s soccer which I’ll post on next.