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I’ll take a shot at the first few.
1.) When I first talked to Andy after recruiting Shaf, he was most excited about his arm. I am absolutely convinced had his arm been completely healed, we not only would have seen a different QB but a different offense. I have heard nothing to indicate that he will not be ready for camp.
2.)From what I heard Timochenko will begin at the #2. Mayes has a ton of talent but this position requires infinitely more reps than most. I expect him to sit and learn this year unless something unforeseen happens.
3.)RB however, is probably the easiest position to transition to. The players are bigger and faster at this level but the essence is still the same. These freshmen were not only accomplished but are probably stronger than most of the guys attempting to tackle them. Bragalone may also be faster than many of those tracking him down. Blocking and the mental aspects will be the determining factors for PT and how quickly they transition IMHO. One of them will start this year.
4.)I think the offense was simplified last season for 2 reasons. 1.) anew coordinator and 2.)a QB with a bad wing. The offense should be more deversified this year since those 2 conditions should not impact them. Expect more use of the TE this year if even as an additional blocker.
5.)Will Folmar be ready. We will see. I do expect him to be better.