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really doubt that we would see F QB, quite a lot to ask a F QB to learn all the offense and be ready to step in, however if he is truly good enough to win the job then so be it

with Lambert, Leaks, Jones, Rigaud, Lawson and Wilmington I don’t see a Fr DB getting much time but if one or more can distinguish themselves that would be great

Kauffman and Crawford should have FB covered well

no shortage of competent upperclass OL, so Fr started there seems unlikely

maybe Christiano might see some time at WR

if Bragalone and Brisker don’t get time at RB I would be shocked

Fr kicker seems to be a given

Robb, Kondas, Caslow, Ripanti, and maybe Lambert probably have inside track at LB; McCain and Coffman?

I have no idea about tight ends, unless they get in the play book might not matter

Palma, Bourgeouis, Laub, Stubbs, Mitchell and Cavenas should be in the DL rotation, maybe a Fr might get some time there?