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WRs Pelletier and Casey at the X.
Kelsey,Knott and Sansone at the Y.
Anderson ,Howard both capable if not as fast. Christiano best of this year’s group. Depends on how fast he picks up O.

Pretty much agree that every spot has tobe open. New scheme ,the playrs that adapt the best,regardless of year or rep,have to start.
My guess DL
NG Caveness,Mitchell
DE Laub , Bourgeois,Johnson
DT Stubbs,Palma,Lynn
LB Caslow,Ripanti,Robb
R. Harvey,Barrett
CB Leaks, Rigaud
Jones, Marc
S. Lambert,Lawson
Key to our D improving is the DL. The one last year that could not rush the QB or stop the run cannot be repeated. That singular failure cascaded to failure all the back. Fix it and pass D will be fi.e.