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Hunter was a preferred walk-on from Emmaus, here in the Lehigh Valley. Arguably the best high school player in the Valley his senior year. Apparently seeing he would never get playing time at Lehigh, he transferred to a Div. 3 school after one year. Interesting that his situation brought the name Gray into the thread. He was also from Emmaus, but several years earlier. Also graduated from Emmaus, in 2003 (or there about) but was a rather unheralded 6’10” high school player. But at this height he got a ride from Pitt. There he grew to 7′ & developed into a first round NBA type player by junior year. But he blew the first round with a really poor performance in the NCAA tournament his senior year. He went in the second round in the 2007 NBA draft and spent 7 years with four teams as a backup center (career 12 min/game). One of a very few (if any) originally from the Lehigh Valley to make the NBA, ever. For his time as a backup center: $ 12,000,000 plus……..not bad money to mostly sit on the bench.