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Unfortunately, JC’s game has not really progressed to where we wanted it to go. This goes back to his high school stats and video, where he was primarily a 3 point shooter in HS. He still is way too reliant on the 3 ball and playing out on the perimeter. We all love his physical gifts, but he doesn’t get much out of them, 18 feet away from the basket. Plus, he is not really a good 3 point shooter. He’s way down the pecking order of guys on the roster, who you would want to shoot from the 3 point line. I don’t really see any development in his game off of the dribble from the wing. He’s more of a catch and shoot player than a driver/penetrator. At this point in his career (missing a full season, then playing last two), I think best we can hope for him is an average of about 8/6 in points and rebounds. I don’t really like him in a high screen and roll game (hasn’t shown ability to do that), and he is not really a pick and pop type shooter. I think TK is better suited in the high screen and roll game than JC. I think at this point he’s a guy who hangs around the high post and can get you a few baskets a game off the offensive board. At his size he is a big post body, and can rebound and block a shot. But, until he buys into a role as a low post defender/rebounder and somebody active on the offensive board, I’m not sure we are going to see much more from him in his last season. He’s probably not as well suited for that role as say a JG, but he needs to be way more active. To me, he’s always been a 4, who wants to play like a 2. The compromise would be as a 3, but I don’t think he has the game out there, either shooting it, or off the dribble. He’s been a bit of a career disappointment in what we thought we had when we signed him. Hopefully, he makes a large step forward this season. He could make a really physical front court group with TK and JG.
In regards to Sedore, I don’t think he makes an impact this season. He is going to be very raw, and has never really seen this level of competition. He may be forced into some minutes, as this team is thin up front in numbers, but I think he is going to struggle with athleticism at this level. My guess is if he plays at all, he will really struggle to defend and find himself in immediate foul trouble.