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1.)Chuku…I think lehigh90 nailed it with this line

“At his size he is a big post body, and can rebound and block a shot. But, until he buys into a role as a low post defender/rebounder and somebody active on the offensive board, I’m not sure we are going to see much more from him in his last season”. We can only hope that this is the year. There won’t be another.

2.)I also think that CS’s development will be directly related to TK’s willingness to take him under his wing and teach him everything he knows. IMHO, TK is not a superior athlete but he is a very good basketball player because he was taught well and he gives 100% at all times. Frankly, CS has TK type size but is raw, and I’m not sure that there is anyone on this staff that can be as impactful as TK.

3.)I’m not quite buying the philosophy that game ready big men are shying away because of TK. They may shy away because there is a very limited supply of them and everybody wants one. Next year, there will be plenty of space for 2 big men on the court and Lamarcus Aldridge was attracted to the Mavs because he could play along side Duncan for 1 year and then be the man.

This is all just my opinion.