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“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”
Mark Twain

I think – or should I say I hope – this applies to our 6’7”/225lb senior forward/psychology major from London, England who has but one year left to enjoy the fruits of his labor and quiet those who have their doubts about his play which, by the way, has included me at times. After sitting out his first year, Jesse hasn’t missed a game (62 straight) and has shown flashes of brilliance – often times when the lights shine their brightest, e.g., Villanova, DePaul, and Arizona State. I know the adage about fitting a square peg in a round hole, but I’m betting on (1) Jesse’s desire/work ethics and (2) the coaching staff’s abilities to get the most out of ones talents to make believers out of all of us a year from now. I’m not saying JC will start against Syracuse or lead the team in rebounds or be a double-digit scorer, but then again, I wouldn’t rule out any of those from happening either. As mentioned above, just how daunting are the prospects of him playing alongside TK and JG?! And, it could happen with some regularity this season.
For those who may have forgotten what Jesse has gone thru to get to where he is today, I give you……

Some fun and perhaps surprising facts to keep in mind:

JC’s 3pt. FG% of .354 is certainly not great but it wasn’t the lowest among those players returning to the court this year. Surprise…surprise, that distinction belongs to no one other than KR @ .324. I ruled out those players with fewer than 8 3FG attempts in the study. And, when it comes to overall shooting (this time ruling out those with few than 17 attempts), JC’s .432 tops KR’s .399 and BA’s .380. He trails only AP @ .433, TK @.499 and JG @ .581.