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I think my numbers are accurate on this, but this, to me, is the problem with JC’s game …

He shot the ball, 148 times last season, and 79 of those attempts were from 3. That means, he is taking 53.4% of his shots from 3 point range. This is flat out ridiculous, in my opinion.

He shot 64-148 overall (43.2%) and 28-79 from 3 (35.4%). If you remove all of his 3 point attempts, he shot 36 for 69 from 2 point range, or a very respectable 52.2%. At his size, playing in the proper spot on the floor, he should shoot over 50% from the field, and he does. This is not quite as efficient as JG, but more efficient than TK.

Finally, he played 30 games last season, and had 28 FT attempts for the entire season! He is averaging less than 1 FT per game, which, again, is ridiculous. To make matters even worse, he shot under 50% from the FT line.

Somebody needs to tell this guy, get off the 3 point line. Get yourself into the painted area and start using your physical attributes. Do the dirty work.