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It’s their last rodeo and I’m betting our seniors will bring their “A” game this year when it comes to both biggest increases in ppg and rpg, thanks in part to what I hope will be KR’s heightened focus on assists and less attention to the long ball. Therefore, I’m going with 3.0 ppg increases for each JG (7.5 to 10.5), JC (5.6 to 8.6), and DC (.9 to 3.9). When it comes to rebounding the ball, I’m thinking JG and JC will each tack on 1.5/game increasing their pg production to 7.3 (JG) and 5.0 (JC).

As for the biggest jump in overall FG accuracy, my pick is BA (.380 to .400) based on what I see is his increased interest and ability to penetrate the defense. When it comes to the 3-ball, there’s nowhere to go but to KR. While I hope it’s “assist first/shoot second”, I see him lifting his .324 average to .350.

I think MH will have the biggest impact as a freshman.