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Sedore will be an interesting project to watch this year. He is both 6-11 and raw. Most will see raw as a liability but it may also be an opportunity. In my perfect world, he would be spending his off season in TK’s hip pocket, learning everything he can but when practice begin he would schooled be on one specific role. Unlike JC, he may not have settled into a playing style quite yet. I’d want him to focus on rebounding and altering shots. I would give him Stefan type minutes because even though he may not be essential this season, he may very well be next year and sitting on the bench doesn’t lead to progress. He would be the 5th option on the court offensively. We have plenty of scorers. Focus on his attitude first and then his technique. Goal is Dennis Rodman without the colored hair, tattoos and wedding dress. He can afford to be aggressive since he has 5 fouls to give in limited minutes. If we can develop just that part of his game this year, his upside may be huge. Just my opinion.