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Thanks for the memories about Bucknell. You remember some good wins – although you have the years reversed for a couple of them. In 2004-05, BU beat Pitt and St. Joes on the road, and then beat Kansas in the NCAA. Gave Wisconsin a very tough game in the next round. Then in 2005-06, which was the best team, they beat DePaul and Syracuse on the road, beat St. Joes at home, and then beat Arkansas in the tournament. Had a 9 seed – which is easily the best ever for a PL team. They might have had a shot to go further but they then had to play #1 seed Memphis (Calipari) in the next round. Memphis had at least five future NBA draft picks (Rodney Carney, Shawne Williams, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Joey Dorsey, Robert Dozier), and about eight guys who had either been arrested or had some other kind of trouble. BU led for the first 8 minutes but then Charles Lee got in foul trouble and it was all over. Lost by about 15.