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Not sure if I’m plugged up and grouchy because I’ve not commented here in a while, but a preseason ranking of fifth is a slap in the face — a slap in the face that should be a wakeup call to every coach, player and administrator.

It’s time to put up or get out of the way, especially if you’re getting paid to coach or play.

Sadly, IMHO, this scholarship thing — even partials — has pushed LU into a university that could understand mediocrity, but never accepted it, to one that needs a return on investment. No way should an LU football team finish fifth.

If I were a player or coach I’d be offended by the fifth-place prediction and be motivated to prove the prognosticators wrong.

If there are coaches who can’t figure out how to succeed, we’ve got to find new ones. If there are players who can’t tackle or cover their peers, complete mid- and long-range passes, catch them, or block according to schemes, other kids need to get a shot.

Should we win PL this year? No way. Fordham’s had a big head start and should win this year and maybe next. But to be behind the others? Preseason? Fine. End of year, simply not acceptable.

Do I sound like LehighGuy?