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You are absolutely…it will never happen and I may be in a small minority when I say, I’m glad.

I like stability and neither the A-10 nor the Colonial Athletic Conference is a model of consistency. I’m also not really a subscriber to the theory that a rising tide raises all ships, although nautically it is probably true :-).
Rather, I like seeing the profile of the Patriot League continue to rise instead.
Introducing Boston U and Loyola to the mix has already raised standards. We are not a juggernaut in the PL by any stretch of the imagination, with the possible exception of softball. However, we are really competitive in almost sports. That’s a very good scenario. There is always a good opportunity to compete in NCAA tournaments.
Joining either of those conferences will likely relegate us to mediocrity and possibly even doormat status much like Fordham in the A-10.
Very good conversation piece but personally, I’m opposed. I’m sure there will be a counter view in 3…2…1 :-)