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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

Having lived in the Rockies, early October is about as good as it gets. The Aspens and Cottonwoods are a thing of beauty that time of year. Still, Air Force would be a very tough game. They’re almost always one of the better teams in the Mountain West so that would be a scheduled loss.

Right now Colorado would probably be an easier game. Montana State fans still talk about their win over the Buffaloes.

There’s a lot of FBS programs out there that a usually good Lehigh team can play with. If you wanted to get creative, UNLV, Middle Tennessee State ( located in Murfreesboro, just outside of Nashville), Tulane, SMU and FAU/FIU would be solid choices in terms of destinations.

Villanova and UNH are good models to use. Both schools play the right type of FBS games. UNH is really stepping it up by traveling to San Jose State. That’s a winnable game and a country trip to start the year. Good times if you’re a Wildcat player….

Still, I’d like to see a few intersectional FCS games. Get a home and home with a SHSU (Keeler!), EWU, UNI, Youngstown State, Cal Poly, Montana State, South Dakota State etc. There’s quite a few quality FCS programs that travel around.